Sustainability & The Environment

As you would expect from a school that values health and wellbeing so highly, Queen's College Prep is fully committed to sustainability and to the reduction of our carbon footprint. We carefully monitor our air quality, and ensure that our environment is both healthy and sustainable.

The girls across the school learn about the importance of sustainability throughout the curriculum, and through assemblies and competitions; they are fully engaged in this important topic.

We consider it our responsibility to strive for continuous improvements so that our impact is reduced as much as possible. In the last year, extended provision of recycling around the school site led to a significant reduction in waste to landfill; we are now working hard to improve our purchasing practices to use recycled products where we can, and on further developing paperless systems.


'Eco-Schools' is an international programme operating in 46 countries, which grew out of the UN's 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Its primary purpose is to encourage the integration of sustainable development into all facets of school life.

Two Form VI Eco-Prefects lead our energetic and committed Eco-Schools Committee which is a pupil-driven group with representation from all forms, from Form I. The Headmistress, the Chair of the Parents' Circle and the Premises Team are also members of the team, although they are definitely not in charge!

The Eco-Schools Committee is required to focus on three or more of the nine areas which form the Eco-Schools framework: Water, Biodiversity, Energy, Global Perspectives, Healthy Living, Litter, School Grounds, Transport and Waste. Following the completion of an environmental review, the committee has decided to focus on transport, global perspectives and energy this year.

We are pleased to announce that Queen's College Prep was awarded the Eco-School's 'Green Flag' in May 2019!


QCPS is also working towards the Green Tree Schools Award with the Woodland Trust. The Woodland Trust rewards schools for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning, and is a fantastic way to enhance our green credentials while inspiring our girls about woods and trees. We gain points for completing hands-on, educational activities that encourage our girls to explore the natural world around them and use their imaginations. We have already achieved the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards levels and are working towards the prestigious platinum award.