Pastoral Care

Queen’s College Preparatory School is well known for exceptional pastoral care. QCPS girls are known as individuals in a warm and nurturing environment where they can excel, be challenged and be happy. A long term view is taken of each girl’s development, and pupils develop confidence and a sense of self through the extensive range of opportunities and experiences made available to them. Great emphasis is placed on the development of character, resilience, ambition, good manners, empathy, compassion and social responsibility.

Every girl at QCPS has a Form Teacher who is the first point of contact for both the pupil and parents. In the Pre-Prep additional pastoral support is provided by the Head of Pre-Prep, and in the Prep the Head of Prep. Although we have formal systems in place to ensure accountability and provide points of contact, in practice we adopt a ‘village raises a child’ attitude to pastoral care; we are all responsible for every child in our shared care. The whole school pastoral system is monitored and supported by the Assistant Head (Pastoral) who oversees all pastoral and discipline issues.

Pastoral Care is monitored closely by Form Teachers and pastoral concerns and observations are discussed at each staff meeting. Every member of our staff is carefully inducted into our Safeguarding Policy and we have a strong but appropriate anti-bullying policy. We have an open door policy for parents, who are encouraged to speak to the School if their daughter appears unhappy for any reason.

Our School code of conduct states clearly how we expect everyone in our community to behave so that girls and staff are able to enjoy learning, teaching and life in school.

Do be gentle

Do be kind

Do be honest

Do listen

Do share

Do work hard

Do be fair

Although these rules are expressed in simple words, the underlying ideas are fundamental to the way we believe children should treat each other and the way they should behave for the good of everyone. They are about working and playing together and about sharing resources, space and attention. They are about telling the truth and being fair.