Academic Overview

We shall be glad to improve our practice every day, not alter our principleF. D. Maurice

At QCPS we work with each child to bring out the best in her; we build independence and the skills to work collaboratively so that our girls grow as learners and as people. They are encouraged to think for themselves, to be ambitious, resilient and resourceful. Our approach and teaching from the outset is designed to give the message that learning is fun and that how we behave matters. Emphasis is placed on concern and respect for others, and on our responsibilities as members of a community. We work to build self-esteem in our girls so that they grow into confident, compassionate, accomplished and well-rounded young girls who leave us ready and prepared for the next phase of their education.

Our academic approach and teaching and learning are firmly embedded in our aims and ethos:

  • we value academic excellence for its own sake, rather than the sterile pursuit of marks.
  • we measure our success by the development of each individual.
  • we value personal integrity and the discernment to deal responsibly with the wider world.
  • we value teaching that inspires pupils and stimulates intellectual curiosity; that encourages intellectual rigour and the ability to make informed judgements; that helps pupils to know how to think, rather than what to think.
  • we value in pupils self-reliance and independence of mind; self-discipline and the determination to outstrip expectations; imagination and the courage to take risks.


In Reception we provide a high quality education which is well resourced, stimulating and enables children to be happy and safe, and to develop to the best of their ability across all areas of learning.

Our aims are fulfilled by delivering the curriculum for Reception in a creative and sensitive manner. We ‘measure our success by the development of each individual’ from her own unique starting point. At QCPS we understand the prime importance of providing children with the best possible start to life, and work to make each girl’s experience of school happy, positive and hugely enjoyable from the outset.

We aim to ensure all children feel valued and secure when settling into school and to support them in developing positive relationships with all staff and each other. Through a wide range of carefully planned activities in secure indoor and outdoor situations we work to identify, engender and sustain children’s interests, promoting enthusiasm for learning in an environment where learning is purposeful, enjoyable and celebrated.

The curriculum consists of seven areas of learning:

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  2. Communication and Language
  3. Physical Development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Understanding the World
  7. Expressive Arts and Design

The seven areas are not regarded as separate topics or units; rather they are integrated across the curriculum and the school day. They are of equal value and are planned carefully to meet the individual needs of each child through a range of stimulating, focused activities which are both adult-led and child-initiated.


The Pre-Prep is made up of the two Reception classes and Forms I and II.

In order to give the girls the best possible introduction to formal education, we want all our girls to love school and to love learning. We aim to provide an environment where each girl is enabled to do and be the best she can. We understand that these are very young children and it is important that they see school to be a happy, safe and stimulating environment.


The Prep Department is made up of Forms III to VI inclusive. The curriculum takes account of the National Curriculum along with the content and requirements of the ISEB (Independent Schools Examining Board - Common Entrance), and 11+ examinations.

We want our girls to be happy, engaged and ambitious, confident and considerate. We want the very best for them, and from them! Days in the Prep Department are full and varied. We encourage our children to be aspirational and we watch them develop impressive work ethics which will serve them well in the future. We aim to provide a first-class all-round preparation for an academic education in a warm, nurturing and lively atmosphere. We want the girls to feel fully involved in school life and to be questioning, responsive, hardworking and considerate towards others.

When our girls leave at the end of Form VI they are ready to fly as a result of their first class QCPS education.

Mr M. Barnard

Deputy Head (Academic)