A First Class Education

"Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire"W.B. Yeats

Queen's College Prep provides an exceptional, rounded education which harnesses the very best of traditional values with a thoroughly modern approach to education.

The curriculum is very broad, designed to promote excellence and to give the girls as many opportunities as possible to identify their strengths and expand their horizons. Our staff create an inspiring and nurturing environment in which every girl is challenged and supported, to reach her full potential in all areas of school life.

Our curriculum combines core subjects with the humanities to give knowledge, understanding and a sense of perspective. Our science teaching extends across technology, creativity, research and exploration, building real skills for real life, both at Senior School and beyond.

We understand that our job is to prepare your daughter for the future, not just to get her through the present. Our focus on the development of character, motivation and self-confidence provides skills and attitudes that will adapt as the world continues to change. Our girls are encouraged to think for themselves, to be ambitious, to be resilient and to be resourceful.

Exceptional specialist teaching, first class facilities and high quality pastoral care combine to ensure the girls grow into confident, accomplished, creative young women with emotional intelligence and high personal standards.

"Pupils attain high standards and are extremely well educated, fullY achieving the school's aim to enable pupils to know how to think, rather than what to think"reporting inspector, isi