Whether it is from decisions made over time in the Houses of Parliament, the traumatic scenes from the battlefield, or the development of our Royal family, Britain has a rich cultural heritage that is explored at QCPS using our central London location to its full potential.

History gives us a sense of identity, improves our decision making and judgement, shows us models of good and responsible citizenship and teaches us how to learn from the mistakes of others. It also helps the girls to understand change and provides them with a context in which to understand themselves and others. The school encourages the girls to learn about who they are and be guided in their decisions, understanding the world in a meaningful context.

History is about the telling of stories - big, small and tall, always interesting and often amusing. The school aims to thread the stories together chronologically, to provide a broad picture of change over time. This subject fires the curiosity of our girls helping to cultivate an interest of the past. During lessons the girls consider how the past, and its relevance to the present, impact on the world today.


At QCPS, History is a very exciting subject and a popular one. It generates an enthusiastic and enduring interest in the subject, develops the skills of enquiry and analysis, and enables the pupils to think for themselves and arrive at logical and reasoned judgements.

In the Pre-Prep, the girls begin their journey, learning about things old and new as well as developing an understanding of timelines. From the Dinosaur era to Florence Nightingale and the Great Fire of London, they enjoy investigating how London has changed over a vast period of time.

The Prep department explores a range of cultural history from the Egyptians, Celts, and Romans to the First and Second World War in Form VI.


QCPS employs varied teaching techniques: traditional historical enquiry; role-play; visits to places of historical interest and discussion.

Educational visits by all classes take place regularly to a wide variety of historical buildings and sites, and of course, museums – The British Museum being a popular destination. Classes also visit places such as Shakespeare’s Globe, The Museum of London and the Tower of London. In addition, pupils often travel further afield to visit places such as Bletchley Park, Hampton Court and The Ragged School.

We also conduct workshops in school, providing our girls with realistic hands-on experiences of the past. This allows pupils to discuss their knowledge with experts and visualise what life was like. Assemblies provide a great opportunity for the girls to bring history to life through the retelling of pivotal historical events such as Remembrance Day, Guy Fawkes Night and life as a child in Victorian times.

Mrs L. Burns

Head of Humanities