“I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”Plato

At QCPS we firmly believe that music enriches our lives and our world and therefore we strive to give our pupils the necessary tools to access that which music brings. Confidence, motivation, creativity, problem solving, time management, coordination, discipline, relaxation, team-work and risk taking are just some of the benefits of including music in our school’s curriculum.

All pupils, from Reception to Form VI, receive specialist music teaching twice a week covering the main elements of music: listening, appraising, composing and performing. Using a host of classroom percussion instruments, as well as class sets of ukuleles, djembe and dun-dun drums from Ghana, Marimbas from South Africa, girls explore and develop skills to appreciate, read, compose and perform music.

The syllabus is tailored with many cross-curricular links, making the learning more relevant, immersive and fun. The approach varies and exposes pupils to different styles of music as well as different musical cultures, from whole class recorder lessons (Form II), African drumming (Form III), Indonesian gamelan music (Form IV), jazz improvisation and African Marimba (Form V) and whole class ukulele lessons (Form VI). Behind the scenes, there are over 170 individual instrumental music lessons each week and these girls are able to draw on this experience during their class music lessons.

Pupils perform regularly during the year and learning is further enhanced by attending concerts around London and taking part in various music workshops outside of school.

We pride ourselves on the many additional opportunities during the school week for communal music making. The whole school sing together at every assembly as well as Big Sing. There are junior and senior string groups, as well as ensembles for recorders, guitars and brass. All girls from Form IV to VI who play an orchestral instrument are members of the School Orchestra and unique to our school is our African Marimba Ensemble, available to girls in Forms V and VI. The girls love singing together and competition is fierce when auditions are held for the Chamber Choir, members of which have been selected for the National Youth Choir and London Youth Choir.

Mr P. Avierinos

Head of Music