The London 11+ Consortium

11+ selection process for 2019 entry


The process for 11+ entry for 2019 onwards is currently being reviewed by the North London Girls' Schools' Consortium; a statement about these changes can be read here. Our understanding of the new process is outlined below, although this is subject to amendment as we receive further details from the Consortium in the coming months.

A Familiarisation booklet has recently been issued and can be found here. Please click here for the London 11+ Consortium Code of Practice and please click here for some FAQs about the new process.


For the purposes of Senior School (Year 7) Entry procedures the following London Independent Girls’ Schools have formed a Consortium. From 2019 the North London Girls' Schools' Consortium will be known as 'The London Consortium', and it is hoped that other schools will join this Consortium so that the number of assessments children sit will be much reduced.

From 2019, entry to these schools will be through a single one hour bespoke cognitive ability test taken at a Consortium School. There will be no further written assessments at Consortium Schools, and more emphasis will be placed on their interview processes.

The London Consortium Schools are: Francis Holland (Regent’s Park), Francis Holland (Sloane Square), Notting Hill and Ealing High School,Queen's College, St. Helen’s School, South Hampstead High School, Channing School, More House, Northwood College for Girls, Queen’s Gate School, St James Senior Girls’ School, and The Godolphin & Latymer School.

Girls’ Schools not in a Group: City of London School for Girls, Haberdashers’ Aske’s, North London Collegiate, St Paul’s Girls’ School. All boarding schools.


Please contact each school for which you wish your daughter to be considered requesting an Application Form and any other relevant information.

N.B. You must complete a separate application form for each school in the consortium you wish to apply for whether they are in the same group or not.

The individual schools to which you have applied will then process your application and send you any necessary information. You are strongly advised to attend Open Days at all the schools for which you have applied and you should ring each school early in the Autumn Term for the dates and times of Open Days.

When you register with a Consortium School you will be asked to state at which school you wish your daughter to take the entrance test. She will be given equal consideration by the other schools in the Consortium. Please note that candidates may only sit the test at ONE school and must have applied to the school where she sits the examination.


A reference will be requested from the Head of the candidate’s school prior to the entrance test.


The Consortium will follow JCQ guidelines with respect to access arrangements. Candidates who have been assessed by a professional and identified with a learning difficulty or particularly uneven learning profile may have 25% extra time.


The Consortium schools make their own arrangements for interviews. Please refer to the published admissions process for each school to which you have applied.


Results of Tests will be made available to ALL the schools in the Consortium. The other schools to which your daughter has applied will use these results to process your application in accordance with their published admissions process.


Offers will be posted out to parents by all schools in the Consortium on the same day. Some of these may be for a place on a waiting list. Information about a position on the waiting list is not given. All girls on the waiting list are considered to have qualified for entry should a place arise.


Acceptances must be received by the school at which you wish to confirm a place by the closing date, which is published in advance. If no reply has been received to an offer of a place by that date it will be assumed you do not wish to accept and the place will be offered to a girl on the waiting list.