The Dining Room

We believe that food and nutrition are vital to your daughter’s physical, mental and social development. As such, we are committed to serving fresh, healthy and varied food in our Dining Room where the girls are provided with a breaktime snack and served lunch every day.

We operate a rotational menu to ensure that our girls are offered a variety of foods from a range of different cuisines. All meals are served in the dining room, and the girls are encouraged to use proper table manners and try new foods. Special events, such as Chinese New Year, are often celebrated with a special menu in the Dining Room.

At break time, the girls are offered plain biscuits and juice, water or milk. Lunch is served from 11:40am - 12.50pm with Pre-Prep and Prep sitting at different times. Balanced meals of fresh, home cooked food are offered alongside soup, a salad bar, and a cold dessert. A selection of fruit is offered at every meal. The catering team serve the food to the girls and teaching staff are on hand to help the girls with their food choices.

The majority of dietary requirements can be catered for in the Dining Room, and we all enjoy a...