School Houses

Every girl at Queen's College Prep belongs to one of our four ‘houses', which are named after notable woman from history: Potter, Nightingale, Curie and Franklin. Sisters are always members of the same house, and the girls enjoy the opportunity to forge friendships with girls in their House from other years during regular House meetings.

Girls can earn housepoints as part of the usual school day, for non-academic achievement, kindness and endeavour. For this they are awarded a gold coin, which they place in the collection box in the entrance hall.

The Houses compete in exciting House sports challenges during their games lessons at the end of each half term, earning points for their House. There are also regular House challenges in PE, Art and French as well as a House poetry competition organised by the English Department.

The Form VI House Editors, Sports Captains and House Captains prepare House newsletters each term with interviews, photos and match results!

Points are tallied up at the end of every term. These are then added to the final score at the end of the Summer Term after Sports Day, and the House Shield is awarded during Speech Day.