Frequently Asked Questions


Do the College and the Prep School ‘share’ the Council or does each school have its own governing body?

The Council is the governing body of both schools. The Council provides a strong link between the two schools ensuring that each are properly supported whilst providing leadership for Queen’s College (QCL and QCPS) as a whole.

How are Council members recruited and selected?

The Secretary to Council identifies the mix of skills and experience that would most benefit the Schools in their current stage of development and for the future. Council members periodically complete a ‘skills audit’ which allows the Secretary and the Nominations Committee to identify potential areas of expertise not currently represented on the Council. Where gaps are identified, or predicted, suitably experienced and qualified candidates are sought.

How many members make up the Council?

The Council will normally consist of between 8 and 15 members.

How much are Council members paid?

Council members are not remunerated for their role. It is a significant, but voluntary, commitment.

What part does the Council play in the day-to-day running of the schools?

The Council’s role is to set the strategic direction and vision for each of the Schools. The day-to-day running of Queen’s College and Queen’s College Prep are the responsibility of the Principal and the Headmistress respectively, alongside the Bursar and the leadership teams of both Schools. Council members have very little involvement in the daily general management of the schools.

Who is the Council answerable to?

The Council is responsible to the Department for Education in its role as a Board of School Governors, and to the Charity Commission in its role as a group of trustees.

Queen’s College and Queen’s College Prep are inspected simultaneously by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), which also inspects standards of governance within the school.